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Q-Why should I choose natural stone pavers or tiles?
·         Weather Resistant: Unlike other materials used (such as concrete and brick), natural stone pavers are extremely resistant to weather changes and can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. Despite cold, heat and humidity, natural stone pavers will not crack or fade and will remain naturally cool. Their resilience and hardiness make them the ideal choice in any climate.
·         Durable: Natural stone pavers are stronger than brick or concrete pavers and even asphalt. The strength of natural stone pavers results in their tolerance of extreme weight and pressure without compromising their structure and support.
·         Valuable: Increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home by using natural stone products. Savvy homebuyers and homeowners recognize and appreciate the beauty, quality and desirability of such an investment.
·         Reusable: Due to their natural strength and durability, natural stone pavers can easily be laid, removed or replaced as needed. They will rarely crack, chip or break during such handling and transport if handled the right way.
Allergy Free: Natural stone tiles are Allergy free compared to carpet.
Easy Maintenance: Maintains natural look compared to brick pavers or man made tiles, and no need to worry about mold or color fading.
Stay Cool: Travertine pavers stay cool in hot weather.

Q-How can Marble Florida offer discount pricing for high quality products?

Marble Florida is the direct source for natural stone tiles and pavers. Our products are shipped directly from our quarry in Turkey to our Tampa warehouse so that we can give you factory direct pricing and save you thousands. We want you to enjoy the elegance and beauty of natural stone, knowing you never paid too much.
Q-What should I do if I would like to use natural stone for my project but only have a small budget?

Our standard prices are not retail prices and can save you thousands but if you think you are still limited with your budget, we can still help. In addition to our discount pricing, please visit our Savings Center section on our website to review our current specials.
Q-What kind of pavers should I use for my driveway?

We usually recommend our most popular size 6x12x 1 ¼” thickness chiseled edge pavers or our new product 6x6x1 ¼” thickness chiseled edge pavers for your driveway, can be laid over concrete or crushed concrete and definitely darker colors like our Mediterranean walnut or noce colors. Bigger sizes than 6x12 will have more breakage down the road unless you do special order pavers which are thicker than 1 ¼”. Usually most driveway pavers are honed & chiseled finish 6x12 pavers but you could also use tumbled ones.Please look at our 2 size design options using 6x6&6x12 size pavers for your projects!
The reason we recommend darker stone pavers is to minimize the appearance of tire marks and engine oil leaks. We also don’t recommend gold travertine pavers if you have a busy driveway. Most of the gold pavers have more breakage and visible stains because of its density & hardness as it is similar to limestone.
After your pavers are installed and at least one year later you may have some breakage or cracks but if you have good ground support then breakage should be minimal. We also recommend after final installation that you seal the stone as soon as possible and do the regular maintenance like sealing at least once a year and pressure washing it. And make sure you keep some extra pieces on the side you may need down the road for replacing the pavers that are broken.
Q-What kind of pavers should I use for my pool deck?

When choosing pavers and copings for your pool deck, we recommend tumbled or at least brushed finish surfaces pavers and copings for safety reasons. Other products with a polished or honed surface can be very slippery when wet. Usually pavers come in 1 ¼” thickness but if you have a concrete surface you could use ½” tile for your pool decks. But it may cost you more because you have to use thin set instead of the sand setting materials.
We also recommend darker color natural stones for your pool decks like medium, walnut or noce colors. These colors are easy to keep clean and maintain. Also the lighter colors will reflect the sunlight and cause a glare. We want you to enjoy your pool deck and not worry about spilled drinks or anyone slipping and hurting themselves!
Q-What kind of tile or pavers should I use if I have a Mediterranean house?

Using a tile for your house is personal taste and could be anything that you like but Marble Florida recommends our beige and darker color tile and pavers like walnut and noce colors.
Q-What kind of tile or pavers should I use if I have a Modern house?

Again it is personal taste but we recommend our new material vein cut semi polished walnut tile. It is a unique product, offering a nice texture and elegant and modern polished finish.

Q-I like the Versailed & French pattern but what if I only have a small area to tile?

Marble Florida cares about each customer’s needs and keeping you happy is very important to us. That’s why we went the extra mile and we have our unique Small versailed&french pattern that is available for our customers. Instead of the standard 8x8/8x16/16x16/16x24 size, it comes available in 6x6/6x12/12x12/12x18. Its small pattern looks great on shower walls, pool patios, front porches, small area floors and can even be used beautifully in larger areas.
Q-Can I use bigger size stone tiles on my shower walls?

Yes, we can customize your stone tile order as you request but we do recommend that you get advice from your contractor beforehand.
Q-What can I use on my balcony or patios if I have an elevation issue?

Using thicker stone tiles or pavers on your balcony or second floor patios could be an issue because of the weight .That’s why we offer ½” thick stone tiles also available in the same finish as your pavers so when you look down from upstairs you can see your pool deck in the same finish and texture.
Q-What finishes or sizes are popular for natural stone tiles and pavers and where can I use them?
Common natural stone tiles and pavers finishes: Honed, honed & filled, tumbled, polished, brushed, brushed & chiseled.
Popular sizes for tile: French Pattern,12x12,18x18 and 24x24 sizes and they come ½” thickness
Popular sizes for pavers: French pattern, 16x16,6x12 and they come 1 ¼” thickness

Popular sizes for copings:Remodel edge coping,4x9,4x12,6x12,12x12,12x24 usually 1 1/4" or 2" thickness
Popular size for driveway: mostly 6x6x1 ¼”, 6x12x1 ¼”

Here are some of the popular colors for Travertine & Marble Tiles and Pavers:

Walnut,Noce,Ivory,Gold,Roman Blend,Medium River,Leonardo,Cappuccino,Crema Marfil,Turkish Marfil and more...

Q-You can use natural stone tiles and pavers for:

Your pool decks, driveways, interior and exterior floors & walls, lanais, patios, shower walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, countertops and more.
Q-What should I do if I have a big project and it is out of state?

Please let us know if you or your project is located out of state. We could save you more money by shipping containers of your material to the closest port available to your business or your jobsite. Marble Florida will even handle transportation logistics should you need any local deliveries from the port no matter where you are.
Q-How much should I add for cuts and waste on the top of my total sq-ft of the project?

Each project could be different and we always tell our customers get an advice from their contractors. At Marble Florida we recommend (depending of how many cuts and the shape of your floor) you should add 5% for tile orders
With pavers because of the weight and nature of the item you will have more breakage than tile so at least you should add 10% extra for paver orders for your cuts and waste.
At Marble Florida, we stand behind the quality of our pavers and tiles and our packing is designed for minimum breakage. We ship our big size pavers always in the crates so you have minimum breakage. For example, you may get French pattern pavers on the pallets and you may save some money but to finish the job you will have to buy more pavers due to breakage so ultimately this will cost you more than crated pavers.
Q-What kind of packing do you use and how are the products shipped out?

Usually most companies (including Marble Florida) ship materials on the pallets or in crates depending of the type of your order. The weight of the pallets and crates are usually 2000-3000 pounds but each order or material may change so please let us know if you need to know the weight of your order at the time you place an order with us.
Q-How can I handle the shipment?

Because of the volume of our business we get good rates with several reliable trucking companies. So to save you money we can help you with shipping if you would like us to take care of that also. For mostly local jobsite deliveries we use flatbed trucks with a forklift so your materials can be placed curbside or around your house to make it easy for you.
Out of state we use mostly box trucks and you get the best deal business to business with loading dock available; if not sometimes for an extra charge lift gate delivery is available to our customers so please let us know if you need any shipping help.
Q-What should I do if I receive my material and there is more breakage than usual?

Marble Florida will check each small or big order to make sure it is packed well and meets standard shipping procedures. No broken damaged materials are accepted as returns,unless shipment arranged by Marble Florida and there is a damage or short-shipment, it is the customer's responsibility to indicate this by writing Damage or Short on delivery receipt

(Bill Of Lading),failure to do so may void any claims.

Q-Where Marble Florida serves  and Where to buy for best price Travertine Marble Tiles & Travertine Marble Pavers in Florida-FL, Cincinnati - Ohio, New York -NY, New Jersey-NJ, North Carolina- NC, South Carolina- SC, Virginia-VA,Georgia-GA,West Virginia-WV, Alabama-AL, Texas-TX, Louisiana-LA, California-CA, Pennsylvania-PA or NATIONWIDE?

Marble Florida serving and shipping travertine tiles and pavers Nationwide with good customer service.We work bunch of Shipping companies to get the best shipping rate for your marble & travertine pavers and tiles shipment  to your door.We have amazing rates to nationwide including Florida, New York, Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,Pennsylvania, California, Texas.

Q-What part of Florida Marble Florida serves  and Where to buy for best price Travertine French Pattern, Pavers and Tiles in Brandon/ Florida?

Marble Florida serving with factory direct pricing  and shipping travertine & marble French Pattern tiles and pavers in whole state of Florida including our valued clients in Brandon, Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Ft Myers, Valrico,Apollo Beach, Riverview, Gibsonton, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Ruskin, West Palm Beach, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and more...

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Natural Stone Information & Facts

Marble Florida knows you have questions, so we have created and extensive Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page for you to address them, offering you detailed natural stone information, marble information, Travertine facts, cleaning tips and more.

Marble Florida is an experienced family run natural stone company with decades of experience as a quality marble company, manufacturer and quarrier in Turkey and one of the country’s best natural stone suppliers. 

Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone and Natural Stone Tips & FAQs

As experienced natural stone importers and a highly recommended natural stone supplier, we aim to surpass all expectations you may have of a marble retailer and natural stone supplier.  We don’t want you to feel uniformed at any point in the process of selecting your natural stone.  Our FAQ page has a comprehensive list of tile tips, tile installation tips, limestone facts, driveway tips, swimming pool tips and safety information and more.

Marble Florida is one of the best discount marble tiles, discount marble flooring,  and discount natural stone importers in the country, and we are determined to provide you with all of the elements of good customer service backed by the highest quality of products and and consistency.  This includes providing background information for you so that your choices before and after your investment are informed and you feel 100% satisfied with our service and products.

On our FAQ page you’ll find descriptions of different tile textures and patterns, such as Travertine tiles information and information about how Travertine tile is selected, polished and cut to order.  You’ll also find information about tips for care and cleaning.

Marble Florida LLC provides the highest-quality of services and products of any marble company in business, backed by a fully knowledgeable staff ready to provide you with natural stone information, tips on marble care and marble information, and Travetine facts concerning patterns, colors and the manufacturing processes.