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Agg-888 Color Enhancing
Magic – Plus Natural Look
Magic Natural Look
Tile & Stone Neutral Cleaner
Ultimate – 466 Medium Color Enhancing
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Agg-888 Color Enhancing Sealer is a crystal clear, high solids content, interior or exterior solvent base acrylic sealer that produces a rich glossy finish. Formulated to efficiently seal rough or porous surfaces or both, such as stone, Mexican Saltillo, deep wire cut brick pavers – exposed aggregate and all other rough or porous cementatious  tiles or materials. Agg-888 has a built in sun shield that will resist fading or discoloring and also maintain the enhanced look for long periods of time, when applied to exterior surfaces.

Ultimate – 466 Medium Color Enhancing Sealer  is a fast drying, crystal clear, medium light viscosity, solvent base acrylic sealer. Designed  for use on porous smooth or semi smooth floor surfaces such as travertine, quarry tile, unglazed ceramic tile, slate, terrazzo, or any other fairly smooth cementatious surfaces. Will not fade, discolor, crack or peel when exposed to the weather. Ultimate-466 recommended when low gloss is desired.

Sealer - 444 Color Enhancing Sealer  is a water base, milky white, light viscosity, high solids content non toxic sealer, that dries to a very tough slip resistant and clear glossy finish. Design to be applied on most all porous tiles on new installations before grouting to help protect the tiles from sticking grout. Sealer-444 can be used indoors or outdoors and recommended uses on porous quarry tile, Mexican Saltillo, brick pavers, concrete tile and some terra cotta clay pavers.

Magic Natural Look Sealer  is a petroleum base penetrating siloxane water repellent and protector sealer which provides virtually an invisible below surface seal. Magic sealer repels moisture penetration, but allows vapor migration ( breathing ). Magic sealer can be use on stone surfaces, brick, brick pavers, unglazed ceramic tile, clay, concrete, grout joints, cementatious  and saltillo type surfaces where no gloss is desired.

Magic – Plus Natural Look Sealer  is a clear penetrating water and oil repellent suitable for use on interior or exterior surfaces. Unlike most water repellents, Plus is based on new technology that provides oleophobic ( oil resistant ) protection as well as water repellency making it for ideal for long term protection against food, oil and water related stains. Magic Plus dries clear and non glossy. Magic Plus sealer can be use on stone surfaces, brick, brick pavers, unglazed ceramic tile, clay, concrete, grout joints, cementatious  and saltillo type surfaces where no gloss is desired.

Tile & Stone Neutral Cleaner is a concentrated, neutral pH cleaner designed for regular use on all types of hard surface flooring materials, such as travertine, marble, granite, limestone and other delicate natural stone surfaces, brick, masonry, terrazzo, ceramic tile, synthetic and no-wax flooring, urethane sealed wood flooring, asphalt, vinyl, rubber  and Mexican Saltillo tile. Tile & Stone Cleaner is a special blend of powerful detergents, surface active surfactants and wetting agents that combine to gently loosen, lift and dissolve dirt and grease on contact. Tile & Stone Cleaner dries clear and bright without leaving streaks or hazy residues and may not require rinsing when used as part of a regular maintenance program. Concentrated formula dilutes in water.