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Royal Amber 12x24 /24x24 /16x32 Marble Tile  $9.95 $7.95 sq-ft

Queen Beige 12x24 /24x24 /24x36 Marble Tile  $9.25 $7.95

Carrara River Marble 12x24 Polished Tile at $3.95 sq-ft
must purchase in full crates 200 sq-ft per crate / Overstock Deal !

carrara river polished tile

Ivory Classic Tumbled Tile 12x24 / 24x24   $4.25 $3.75 sq-ft

tumbled tile

Ivory French Pattern Filled and Chiseled Edge  $4.25 $3.19 sq-ft

ivory french pattern filled and chiseled

Light Walnut 12x24/16x24 Travertine VEIN CUT  $4.50 $3.35 sq-ft

vein cut travertine

Fossil & Shell Limestone Tile Honed or Brushed  $6.25 $4.50 sq-ft

White Limestone 24x24 Honed or Polished  Tile at $4.50 sq-ft

white limestone tile

Cappucino Dark 12x24 / 24x24 Marble Tile  $3.95 $3.99 sq-ft

Cappucino Beige 12x24/24x24 Marble  polished only $3.95 $3.89sq-ft

cappucino marble 18x18 polished

Diana Royal 24x24 Polished Marble Tile  $6.99 $5.50 sq-ft

Crystal Carrara 12x24 Polished Marble Tile  $6.99 $4.50 sq-ft

24x24 carrara marble

Volakas 24x24  Polished Marble Tile  $7.95 $7.50 sq-ft

volakas marble 24x24

Silver Shadow 12x24 /24x24 Polished Marble Tile  $6.25 $5.95 sq-ft

silver shadow marble tile

Bianco Moderno 12x24 / 24x24 Polished Marble Tile at $5.95 sq-ft

Crema Bella  24x24 Polished Marble Tile at $4.50 sq-ft

Crema Antico 24X24 Polished Marble Tile at $5.50 sq-ft

Emperador Dark 18x18 Polished Marble Tile at $8.49 sq-ft

Turkish Marfil 24x24 Polished Marble Tile at $4.75 sq-ft


BUY IT ALL-VOLUME Specials for Travertine Pavers - Tiles - Copings
    Walnut 16X16 tumbled               Walnut 6X12 tumbled                   Walnut 6X6 chiseled   
$3.25  $2.69 sq-ft                      $3.25  $2.49 sq-ft                           $2.99  $2.25 sq-ft
                  2700 sq-ft  SOLD                            3500 sq-ft in stock                                         SOLD
                Noce 18x18 H/F Tile           Walnut 12x24 Polished Vein Cut         Walnut 18x18 H/F Tile   
$3.10  $1.99 sq-ft                        $3.89  $2.45 sq-ft                           $2.89  $1.99 sq-ft
                   8000 sq-ft SOLD                            8000 sq-ft SOLD                              8000 sq-ft in stock
         Classic Tumbled Mini Pattern          Walnut 12x12 H/F Tile                Noce French Pattern B/C 
$3.99  $2.99 sq-ft                             $2.89  $2.25 sq-ft                       $3.75  $1.99 sq-ft
                               SOLD                                   800 sq-ft in stock                                200 sq-ft in stock
            16x24 Tumbled Pavers                   Noce 6x6 Tumbled Tile                   Noce 4x4 Tumbled Tile          
                 $4.89 $3.25 sq-ft                              $0.89  $0.45 pc                             $0.50  $0.35 pc
                       3700 in stock                                 1892 pieces in stock                         5000 pieces in stock
      Walnut 16x16 Tumbled Pavers         Walnut 12x24 T. Coping                   Noce 12x12 T. Coping   
$3.69  $3.35 sq-ft                             $18.00  $13.00 pc                                $7.89  $6.50 pc
                 8000 sq-ft in stock                            2000 pieces in stock                            2300 pieces in stock
         Noce 4x9 Honed Coping             Silver 6x12Tumbled Pavers          Classic 4x4 Tumbled Mosaic                     $2.89  $1.50 pc                               $3.89  $3.35 sq-ft                              $0.60  $0.25 pc
                          SOLD                                         6000 sq-ft SOLD                              5000 pieces in stock

                                     Please contact us for more information about these specials!
                                                               “MORE SAVINGS,MORE MATERIAL,WITH BEST QUALITY"


Dsicount Marble and Travertine Tiles

Marble Florida LLC is your number one wholesale natural stone, discount travertine and affordable marble and granite importer, offering you years of experience as one of the leading quarriers in Turkey dedicated to providing nothing but the finest quality, affordable travertine tiles and pavers, affordable marble and discount natural stone available anywhere, at prices and in colors and patterns to suit your budget and tastes.

We are much more than another tile and pavers, travertine or marble manufacturing and importer.  Marble Florida is an experienced family business with dedication to our craft of selecting and importing the most beautiful and durable discount natural stone and discount travertine. 

Wholesale Natural Stone on Sale Now

Our marble and travertine warehouse offers the most extensive inventory of beautiful affordable marble, affordable tile and travertine savings anywhere in the country.  Our factory direct stone and discount stone sales make it possible for us to provide you savings on natural stone, pavers, copings and tile from Turkey, hand selected based on density, quality and color.  All of our discount travertine, marble and affordable tile products all undergo strict inspections and are packaged and shipped to meet the highest standards possible in order to avoid breakage.

Our discount natural stone and granite includes savings on travertine marble countertops, marble flooring and other projects for your property or business.   We also offer all of the most sought after colors for Travertine and marble tiles and pavers available, including Walnut, Noce, Ivory, Gold, Roman Blend, Medium River, Leonardo, Cappuccino, Crema Marfil, Turkish Marfil, and many more.

We are dedicated to offering you a large variety of unique products and to continuously expanding and changing our inventory in order to provide you with a full range of all of the latest colors and styles. 

Marble Florida offers a fine selection of wholesale natural stone, discount travertine and affordable marble and granite for any indoor or outdoor project , and we back all of our inventory with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.